The Power of Purpose, PBS Special

I came across this program on TV this week. I highly recommend that you watch it, too.

Even if you already know your purpose, the show will provide you with new insights.

Knowing your purpose is a major clarifier, you can use the information to up the ante or  change your life and business.

Being lifelong learners, as I’m sure you are too, I learned the importance of knowing what gifts, passions, and my calling were early on in life and yearly, during planning week, I revisit them. From time to time, I’ll add or even change some of my answers.

Don’t let this happen to you!

A car accident in 1994 pushed me into living my purpose;  helping people realize their dreams, even if it seems to them that there is no way they can happen. I truly believe that you CAN have it all — and sooner than you think!   If it’s really important, you’ll stop the excuses you tell yourself  and do whatever is necessary to “do it” –including reaching out for whatever help you could use.

When I changed careers, and started coaching school, I had to agree to participate in a 3-month program called “Personal Foundation” and delved deeply into, among 24 other life coaching topics, our purpose, gifts, and calling.

Life changes dramatically when you deeply know more about yourself! I can attest to that!

Today, my clients use the Personal Foundation as part of their personal and professional growth.  It’s true.  The more you know about you, the more you fashion your business model around the life you want to lead.  You see, the best business model is one that is designed around your passions, purpose, calling and gifts.
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The Joy of Growing Up Italian

Thank you to John Fusco who put this together.


It’s from


If you are an Italian American, get a few tissues.  The memories are very strong and heartwarming.

The author grew up in an Italian neighborhood in the 40-50’s, I can see how, in just the 10 years , (I few up in the 50-60’s) things had changed “just a bit”.  We had many trucks come pass our block but I woke up to the smell of Italian Bread from Mona Lisa Bakery that permeated the neighborhood and my Italian grandparents and most of the family had moved to Bay Shore Long Island.   But I got to know my 2nd and 3rd and even some 4th cousins  … something that most American’s don’t get to do.

I grew up in Dyker Heights, a small part, an English speaking part of Bensonhurst Brooklyn.

One thing that Mr. Fusco doesn’t mention is that we did not celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. Instead, we celebrated March 19, which is St. Joseph’s Day

In the 80’, after I moved to Staten Island, I no longer lived in an Italian neighborhood.  I heard a truck making a very familiar sound.  I ran out to see, and yes, it was the red “knife and scissors truck” — a truck that just sharpened scissors, knives and other such objects.  I ran inside to get what needed sharpening, ran to the truck and to my surprise, I recognized the driver.  Yes, he and his dad had sharpened many a scissor and knife in Bensonhurst Brooklyn.