Bye-Bye Boring Bios

On Sept 16, 2009 I attended an event sponsored by the Puget Sound Business Journal, where Nancy was one of the speakers. Between those two encounters, I updated one of my many bio’s, the example below is very short and I use it for ½ page promo cards and short bio descriptions.

The first two words of my bio are those that Nancy Juetten recommended when I spoke to her at the Puget Sound Business Journal event. I made minor changes, but the rest of the changes, that bring the bio to light were made by Chistine Mifsud, someone new working for me that has surely impressed me (and Nancy J)

Before and after bio here:

Old and Very Good:
Maria Marsala, the founder of Elevating Your Business, is a business consultant, coach, speaker, author, and former Fortune 500 Wall Street executive. She entered the business world selling Avon at 14 and landed on Wall Street three years later. Maria was rewarded for her fierce determination and keen insights when she became a bond trader and department manager at a time women executives were a rare commodity. Since 1998, Maria has helped thousands of B2B service industry CEOs/presidents, professionals and management teams to eliminate the problems of quickly growing businesses by streamlining and automating their planning, operations, and marketing processes. The results? They increase their bottom line, work smarter, and enjoy a higher quality life. Would you like to be next? Contact Maria today!

New and Better:
An irrepressible entrepreneur, Maria sold AVON at age 14 and landed on Wall Street three years later. Fiercely determined and keenly insightful, Maria became a bond trader when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds. In 1998, brimming with over 25 years of business expertise, Maria Marsala created Elevating Your Business, a company dedicated to helping professional service business owners maximize their companies’ value and profits. Is your existing business structure draining your time, energy, and profitability? Drawing on her experience as an advisor, speaker, and author, Maria will tailor a solution to detect and overcome your unique obstacles, helping you create the business and lifestyle you only imagined. Contact Maria today and take the first step toward an elevated bottom line, turbo-charged productivity, and a sparkling quality of life.

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Go-Giver by Bob Burg

I first heard of Bob Burg years ago, and I’m pretty sure it was either on Warrior Forum or Blake Forum. He was offering copies of his book that was in it’s third printing — for free. I’m not the type of person to say “no” to a free business book, especially when it’s on a marketing topic. The book as “Endless Referrals”, excellent book by the way, consider getting it, too, but that’s not the one I’m reviewing here.

The Go-Giver Book

Years ago, I had the honor of taking his 3 or so hour seminar in Seattle and part of the fee paid for his new book “Go-Giver“. The book was kinda thin (I thought to myself) as a read the back cover (and the description sounded intriguing) and before he signed it.

But because it was a thin book as far as business books go, I figured it wouldn’t take long to read it; very true. You’ll agree with me that not all business books are good bedtime reading, but I’d recommend you read this each night before you go to bed. I actually wish I had someone to read it with! I had the greatest sleep!

The book gets you thinking about the “Laws of Stratospheric Success”, and I’d recommend going to sleep on one law a night. But at the end, you might do what I did. I though I knew what the ending would be when there were 10 or so pages left. My eyes wanted to close, but I said screw it –I kept on reading.

Now, I’m not going to ruin the book for you, however, I’ll tell you it’s not your usual type of business book. Like the “Emyth Revisited” and “Who Moved my Cheese” it’s a story that happens all the time in life or business.

Joe, the main character, does business the way most business owners do — they become lone rangers. Then he learns quite a few life changing lessons about business and life called the “Five Laws of Stratospheric Success”. They’re simple concepts and I bet you’ve heard them all, but now you’ll get to see them in action. Great reminders of what life and business is all about.

I highly recommend this book as one that is thought provoking, makes you look inwards, and is gentle business reading. It makes you take a look at how you’re running your business and life — or not!

Sometimes good things come in “thin” packages! Read Go-Giver” and then come back here and comment on it. The Go-Giver, A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea, By Bob Burg and John David Mann