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Financial Advisor Tips: What’s in a Name Tag?

What’s in a Name Tag?

Imagine attending a networking event.  Someone sees the image of your name tag from a few feet away, recognizes you, and knows what you do for a living.  This really happened to me — and I was 3,000 miles from home!  (They were a long time newsletter subscriber.)


Another reason to have name tags designed for your company that are consistent with your company’s brand is that everything will be spelled correctly!  At a minimum include your logo and company colors as well as your first name and last name.  If there is room include who you work with — or your 3-7 word tagline.  You can design your name tag online, have your graphic designer create it, or hire your local printer or promotional materials company.


Action:  Choose a method to produce your name tag from above.  You can simply print your badge on high-quality, heavy letterhead paper and place it in a clear badge holder.  Or, you can get as fancy as some of the badges on this website:


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On Introducing Yourself To Strangers

On Introducing Yourself To Strangers

When a stranger walks up to you and asks, “So, what do you do?”, truth be told, they really don’t care what you do. They are masking the questions they really want to ask you.

What are the questions on their mind? What they really want is: “How can you help me reach my goals?” and “Are you trustable?”.

Give them what they really want. How? Here’s my quick-starter template:

I work with __________ [your target market]
to __________ [biggest problem you help them resolve].


I work with independent financial advisors
who are ready to serve more clients.

I work with financial advisors
who are struggling to grow their businesses.

I work with accountants
who are overwhelmed by all there is to do to market their businesses.

See, it’s easy when you have a template! And now you do!

Your turn! tell me what your next intro will be.


What’s your intro?

10 indispensable questions for advisors to ask — and 10 to answer — at networking events

Photo of people networking and shaking their hands

The art of the spiel.  “You’ll feel more confident in networking situations if you’ve already worked out a few ‘scripts’ ahead of time.”  — Maria Marsala

Networking is something every financial advisor does to build local credibility and a stellar reputation. But it’s not only about that. Amid the numbers and goals, it’s sometimes easy to forget that people fuel our businesses. Relating and connecting to others on an interested, personal level is really the key to building trust and earning respect in your community.

Networking events provide prime opportunities to engage strangers; however, your interaction time is usually very limited. Therefore, it’s best to consider what you want to communicate about yourself and your business, and also what you’d like to know about others — before you attend any event.

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Neworking Tip: Always stand up and be counted!

Anytime you have an opportunity to dress professionally and stand up for your business, do it. You only have 2-7 seconds to make a great first impression. If your business is one that dresses down, don’t do it when you’re networking. Even putting on a jacket (with jeans) will help you appear more professional. And even if NO ONE else has stood up at a networking event to introduce themselves — do stand up and be counted as one of the professionals in the room!


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36 Ways to Create a High Impact Elevator Pitch

19. Find Ways To Quickly Build A Relationship

It’s not about you. It’s about saying something that will turn off a prospect from hell and turn up the ears of your ideal clients. At events, you want to spend time with people who can become prospects or who know them in bunches. The fact that you do what you do, your title, is not important. But what is important is who you do it for and the major benefits they will receive from working with you. I challenge you to create an elevator speech without your title.

The basic concept can be expanded, but make a difference to your business by starting with “My name is ___ and I help (your ideal clients) and help them (reach this major goal)”.

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