Flowers bloom when we’re running a business

African Violets

Two years ago, I purchased, a sick looking African violet for $1. I’ve always had house plants, although fewer when I had cats, but what a gift to have flowers (deep purple) 1in the house in December.

Then last year a neighbor gave me a dying plant and it was so long since it bloomed that she didn’t remember what color the flowers were (light purple).

With the right soil and food, they are easy to take care for a give you a baby or two each year without extra care.

I’m at a point where the plants I repotted today will make some wonderful gifts (once they heal)!

Do you like plants, too? Maybe you have African violets hat are ready to propagate from leaves or separate? Here’s a series of videos on YouTube that I subscribe to.

Wanted Female Pheasant Age, Doesn’t Matter


My wife and I lived in the area that is now called Poulsbo Place.  In an effort to find a new home, seven or so years ago, we resettled on Hamilton CT near 1st Ave.

We loved having the run of the place.  There are lots of open spaces with green grass to run across (ergo my nickname, “Road Runner”).  We found just enough trees, including some with low-lying branches, which made a great home for our children.  You see, we hide our nest on the ground, not up in trees.

Life was more than great.

Then it happened.  I lost my mate.

I don’t know where she went.  NO more do I frolic around the neighborhood.  Instead, I spend my days looking for Mrs. Road Runner.

Once, I found a shiny new black car, and I jumped on top and found her.  Every morning, somewhere between 6am and 9am, I’d meet that car and peck and peck at her but she never came to life.   I pecked so much looking for her,  that I damaged the top and side of the car.  I just don’t understand why she won’t come out to play.

Then I found a green car and new blue car —  and thought I saw her there, too.  But all that happened was that the humans woke up early, and ran after me.  Sometimes they threw their newspapers at me…not sure why they’d do that!

The black car was fixed and now is covered.  I can no longer see my true love there.   But now I see her all the time in what the humans call glass windows.  Alas, peck as I do where she is trapped in the glass, she is not paying any attention to me.

Shouldn’t these humans thank me?  I mean I’m the best alarm clock around, visiting them 7 days a week, waking up whatever humans have overslept.   I also visit a few other times of the day.  Nothing can keep me from finding my true love.  Nothing humans leave on the stairs, not the smell of bleach they wash the stairs with, not even red hot chili peppers will stop me.

Of course, I also poop a lot all over their cars and steps.

Please help the humans on Hamilton CT and 1st Ave. sleep a little longer on the weekends.

Help me find a mate.



(c) 2015 Maria Marsala who lives on Hamilton CT!