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Financial Advisor Template: Business Vision Statement

By (1) ______________ grow

(name of your firm)(2)____________________________________________

into (an adjective)(3) ___________________________________

(4) working with clients living in _____________________________________.

Your (5) _________________________________________

firm provides these free and fee based services

(6) _____________________________________________

to this ideal client

(7) ____________________________________________.

In general, we measure success by having a team of (8) _____________, AUM of (9)_________ and revenues of (10) ________________.

(c) Original version 1994 One Page Business Plan. Updated specifically for financial advisors, planners and wealth mangers, in 2008, Maria Marsala, Certified One Page Business Plan Consultant.

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Advisors: Kick Your New Year’s Resolutions To The Curb

Did you know that 97% of New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten by January 31st?

If you’ve found yourself a part of that statistic, as I have, read on for a longer-lasting concept to help you grow each year.

If you’re ready to kick the concept of a “resolution” to the curb and want something simple and different to keep you focused on your goals for the entire year, create a theme. This concept was designed by Thomas Leonard, CFP, who also founded the first coaching school, the one I attended in 1998.

Do New Year's Resolutions leave you less than enthused?  Themes are inspirational and help you focus better!
Do New Year’s Resolutions leave you less than enthused? Themes are inspirational and help you focus better!

Themes are uplifting and inspiring. Have you ever given a birthday party and asked people to bring gifts with a “garden” or “fishing” theme? I know someone who asked people to bring something they made themselves. What a wonderful way to actually get what you want at your party!

A theme will help you get what you want out of life, too. Themes can be a part of your support structure – the part that comes from the inside. When you create a theme for the year (or month, or quarter), you will automatically be pushed forward toward your goals as an investment advisor.

Why? Your theme focuses your mind during your decision-making process. Themes are so important that creating one is the first of 24 steps towards creating a strong “Personal Foundation,” a program that many trained coaches (including me) offer our clients.

Themes can be one word or a few words to describe what you want to accomplish for the year. Once created, a theme is easy to remember and inspires action.

Some examples of personal or professional themes for financial planners are…

  • Forgive.
  • Financial freedom, here I come!
  • Movin’ on.
  • Have fun, fun, fun in all I do!
  • Put down roots.
  • Be present, present be.
  • Big leaps of faith.
  • Action, action, action.
  • Enjoying all I have.
  • Do it or dump it.
  • My time is valuable.
  • Fill my practice with ideal clients only.
  • Move forward more quickly.
  • Uncomfortable leads to bigger growth.
  • No more Lone Ranger.
  • Make bigger changes.
  • All activities revolve around my year’s vision.
  • Free is not me.

Now is a great time to create your yearly themes for the next year. Get started!


Make having a theme more fun and memorable.

Because a theme is much easier to remember than a list of resolutions, they’re also easier to keep at the forefront of your life. Here’re a few examples on how to do that.

  • Get your friends, family and team involved in theme writing or vision board development.
  • Write your theme on index cards and place them strategically around your office.
  • Incorporate your theme into your computer or laptop background.
  • Write articles on your theme’s subject for your blog and ezine readers.
  • A theme located on a mirror or on your dresser is a quick reminder of what you want to manifest.

Use your theme to help you make better decisions this year.

Do you like this concept? What do you do for the new year that has worked for you? Share your theme for 2016 below!


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Advisors: Set Better Priorities With a Strong Business Vision

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Did you know that 97% of New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten by January 31st?

It’s sad, but true. By the end of January, most people kick their resolutions to the curb and abandon the path that leads to the change they desire.

Have you ever done this? I know I have.

Was it because you didn’t know where to start?

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5 Quick Steps To Setting Goals That Stick & Energize

Most people set goals, at least yearly. However, the goals don’t stick any longer than the end of January.

Any time of the year, setting goals IS the start of a great process. Even better are turning those goals into (many) doable actionable steps that last throughout the year, and then some.

Here are 5 ways to create goals that stick and energize you.

1) Define 9 goals that include a number for easy measurement and completion date to keep you focused.
Sample: Bring in 30 new clients, 6 each quarter, by 12/15

2) Create 3-5 marketing strategies that you’ll execute consistently during the year to help reach your goals.
Ideas: make your firm referable, create a marketing plan, design a marketing funnel or calendar, run a family event next summer, hold a monthly webinar for your best clients, hold small private events, create a newsletter (in print and online), write blog posts, etc.)

3) Drop or upgrade 5 management strategies that didn’t work for you last year.
Ideas: technology that isn’t working, not cross-training, inconsistent client acquisition processes, no business plan, haphazard HR process, no systems in writing.)

4) Design a way to monitor your efforts; both time and money spent on the project AND result$.
Ideas: create an excel spreadsheet, use post-it notes, buy a white board, use index cards, subscribe to or purchase project management or online performance management software.

5) Take action daily and monitor your efforts at least weekly.
Ideas: catch mistakes as they occur, figure out ways to do more of what’s working, use a Lessons Learned report often.



By the way, what do you think? Do you create written personal or professional goals? Why or why not? How often do you adjust your goals? What tips help you stick to goal setting? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

A helpful goal setting tool is a white paper called Executive Summary: How The One Page Business Plan® Can Help Grow Your Firm.  If nothing else it can get you thinking about a process that has helped more than 250,000 business owners and financial professionals. Request your copy here.



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