Beware of this scammer! Note: Microsoft does not call you out of the blue!

ID-10060832-2I received a call today that I’ve received a few times before… from a scammer who wants to hack computers or worse, have you pay to remove something from it that isn’t broken — before they hack you!

According to what I’ve read online, they make many calls to the same people, all over the country, and they don’t stop even if you tell them to.

The caller says they are from Microsoft and asked for me by name.

He said that my computer has a problem. He knows about the problem because Microsoft monitors my programs (note, they do not unless you give them permission to do so).

Once he calls you he asks if you’re in front or your computer or if you’ll get in front of your computer.

Since I know my way around computers, (I’ve used one since my first job at Merrill Lynch in 1973) the first time he called, I went through with almost everything he told me to do. Most of it wasn’t a problem or anything sinister.

Then he “finds” the problem. Some files need to be fixed (etc.) at a cost of bla, bla, bla.

Sometimes they actually tell you that they’ll fix the problem if you give them access to your computer and pay them to do it!

What he found wrong with my computer really isn’t a problem.

BUT if you get him to fix things you’ll be hacked.

So be aware.

The hacker does give you his phone number which was the same number on the ID: 727-498-0504 but it’s to an unused phone number.

Remember Microsoft never will call you back if you’ve made a service call. Or since I’m on their usability team, I’ll get a call — but it’s most often from a contractor who works with MS.

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