You know you need a strategic plan if…

If you’ve been in business for a “while”,  you may need a strategic plan if…

  1. You walk into your office each day and become a fire fighter responding to the nearest fire first.
  2. You focus on everything and anything that comes across your desk because it’s a priority.
  3. You can’t answer the questions “where will your business be in a year”  “where will your business be in 10 years”?
  4. You’ve been trying to earn more and you’re unsure how to get to the next level of success.
  5. You’re ready to work a 30 hour week.
  6. You’re unsure how to evaluation new opportunities and “bling” so you try them all on for size.
  7. Your company is ready to expand to a level you hadn’t yet considered.
  8. You’re not hitting your revenue goals.
  9. The branded message you’re sending the world is confusing.

10.  Your pricing strategy includes discounting your prices.

11.  You have no marketing funnel.

12.  Your employee turnover rate is out of sight.

13.  You can’t answer the questions “who is your ideal client (target market/sweet-spot) “why do your client’s buy from you”?

14.  You’ve lost sight of what your company does best.

15.  You haven’t talked to or “touched” past clients in more than 3 months.

16.  You haven’t had the chance to see what you’re competition is doing in a while.

17.  Your hr and operations manuals aren’t current.

18.  If the last time you picked up your plan to look at it, well, you can’t remember when that was!

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