WordPress Explored — Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin

The concept of a breadcrumb is not new and derives its name as you would think. Rather than it being crumbs from bread, it’s a small fragment of a sites navigation.

Breadcrumb plugins pick up on the hierarchy of pages you place within your navigation-menu. To learn more about hierarchies please visit https://blog.kissmetrics.com/site-structure-enhance-seo/ .

When a breadcrumb is used on your site, a visitor will see a second navigation area on a page. OR if you don’t use a WordPress program to create your website or blog, you can create a breadcrumb and choose which pages will be part of it. Breadcrumb plug ins allow the reader to easily go to the beginning of a section. I find that websites that contain this feature more useful when I came into a site not really knowing where within an area of a site I was landing.
Breadcrumb NavXT

Many sites are leaving the home page link off of their navigation because you can get to the home page by simply clicking on their logo. A breadcrumb’s first link is most often the home page.
To see this plugin in action, you can look at my speaker website “Act Now Seminars”. Once you are on my home page, and you won’t see the breadcrumb because that page does not have any additional pages attached to it in the menu.

But click on the Event Mgrs. http://actnowseminars.com/new/index.php/customization/ and notice the breadcrumb located on the page. The breadcrumb plugin is especially useful to your site’s viewers when a section of your sites hierarchy is 3 or more deep.

There are quite a few free breadcrumb plugins available through WordPress. The one I am choosing to use, Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin is free and can be easily added to your blog from within WordPress. Or you can download it to your computer and then upload it to your WordPress blog here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/

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