Women Business Owners: Gain Exposure for Your Business with 5 Tips

Would you like to gain exposure for your business?   NAFE, the National Assocaition for Female Executives, is looking for new articles, not yet published, related to growing businesses or growing their women business owners!  While they do not pay authors for articles, your short bio is included (think 3 lines with a link and/or phone number.

I have submitted new articles to NAFE.  However, I have also repurposed previously written articles.  That means that I turned a few of my articles, that were not top 5 articles,  into the Top 5 Tips articles that NAFE laccepts.

You do need to be a member of NAFE  to submit an article, but heck, the membership is still near the price it was when the organization began in the 70’s!  It’s $39 per year, less than that a year for 2 years.

There aren’t meetings in every area, but you can start your own under the NAFE umbrella.  While business owners can submit events on their websites, there is a good chance your event will get “advertised” in their newsletter IF you are a member.

My personal experience is that I’ve received a client and event attendees from submitting events and articles. (I can’t guarentee that will happen to you of course, it’s just my experience).

View a sample of their email at http://tinyurl.com/3q82dy4

Visit the site at http://www.NAFE.com

Visit the NAFE Linkedin Group at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=27411

Submit your articles to the Editor, Paula  Damiano  at  pauladamiano@hotmail.com   Of course Paula has the final say of whose articles appear in the newsletter.

Maria Marsala, NAFE member off and on since 1978.


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