Where Did LinkedIn Groups Go?

If you’ve visited your LinkedIn account tin the past 24 hours, you’ve noticed that the navigation bar, on the top of the page, has changed.  Gone is the quick link to Groups.  Instead, you’ll find it under the Interests tab.  That means that you click once, view a drop down, then click again to get to Groups.  Ok if you don’t go there often but…

If you’ve determined that spending a majority of your  social networking marketing time on LinkedIn,  there is a better way — a one click way — to get to your Groups, pronto!

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can add your GROUPS page to your Favorites Navigation Bar (FNB).  Then, you’re back to one click to get to your Groups.



Bring Groups to your FNB this way:

1) Go to your groups page  http://www.linkedin.com/myGroups

2) Click on Favorites

3) Click on Add to Favorites Bar

And wa-la, it’s there for you to use 1 click to get to!   Yes,  you can add other favorite pages to your navigation bar this way, too.   You can also add Groups to your favorites tool bar, but then again, that’s 2 clicks to get to it instead of 1 click.



If you are using Chrome, Firefox or the other browsers, can you provide me with the direction on how to do something similar using those browsers?   Use the comment box below to let my blog readers know how to get to their Groups with 1 click, too.  And add your name, title and a link back to your website!  It’s our way to thank you for taking the time to share the directions.



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