Welcome to the Newly Updated Look at “Marketing With Integrity” for Financial Advisors Blog

Been to this blog, Marketing With Integrity, in the last two months? After many years of the same look, it’s been updated. Check out its sleek, new look. What do you think? Add your comments below.

blogsmallWhat’s surprised me the most about this year’s update is that the theme I’m using (the basic look of the site) was available at no-cost! I had expected to pay for the new look. View the article I wrote about why I chose the FirmaSite theme here. The FirmaSite theme does come with a slider (pictures, usually with words on them, that slide from one frame to another). I’m not using that features since the search engines don’t like it and for me, trying to read a page with a slider on it, often makes me dizzy.

Once I updated Marketing With Integrity, I liked the look so much, that I decided to match my website with the theme, too.

You can now go directly to to Marketing With Integrity’s home page and view excerpts of the last 10 articles. Or use the Blog Categories (right side of the page) to view articles on a subject you want to learn more about. At the end of each article, notice that I’ve added a feature that allows you to email yourself, colleagues, or clients the article in a PDF file.

The program I chose for commenting is called Disqus, a program that many professional blogs use, including the blogs of Entrepreneur and Inc Magazines. You can easily comment on any post using Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. You can add the capability of using similar features on your blog by adding plug-ins found in your blog’s dashboard.

I have a few other new features planned for the blog I’ll tell you about those when they’re online. Visit our blog now.

Lessons About Blogs or Websites -October 1, 2013

Free Coaching Call
The questions I’ll answer in October and November will be about websites, blogs, and themes, plug-ins, etc. Get the replay and watch me walk through how to add a BLOG to your website. If you’re working with at web designer, or plan to, this is a perfect program to familiarize yourself with the process. This way, you’ll understand what they’re doing! It’s always a good thing to understand, but understanding does not mean that you need to do it ourselves!

The way these no-cost programs works. Financial advisors, planners, and managers, etc. register for a program and send me their question(s). Based on your questions, I’ll create webinars or audios. Those who are sign up receive the replay here. Remember: when you register, include any questions you have about blogs or websites in the appropriate space.

Happy learning!

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