WebSite Design Options for Financial Advisors

Update my firm’s website’s design by _____.

Or maybe what’s on your to-do list or listed on your business and marketing plan looks like this:

Create a firm website by _____. (OR THIS)

Create a firm blog by ______.

When I first went into business I designed my own website after attending a web design program at Wake Tech, Raleigh NC.  Then  helped a few other coaches and business owners by designing their sites.

Today, I keep up with web design trends, but I no longer create sites for clients — I leave that to the professionals.  However, when a client needs to update their firm’s website or add a blog, I’ll help them by conducting private training that saves them time and money while working with a web designer.  I often set up WordPress on their sites, too.

After that I providing outsourcers — graphic designers, writers, and website designers who work with advisor is their best bet.  With compliance being as it is, it’s beneficial to use a designer whose firm is experienced and understands the nuances of marketing and promotion — as it relates to advisors.  Even so, don’t have anything published publicly until it’s approved by YOUR compliance person.

The other important element of design to not over look is to create a responsive (mobile ready) site.

Five years ago, I had a very small list of resources because few specialized in the financed industry. Today, that good ness that’s changed.

Below is an updated list of web design companies.  This list is not a recommendation of one company over another.  This list is, in alphabetical order, and is for your information only.

If you are using another web designer and feel they should be on this list, please place a comment on this blog post and after I research what you’ve posted, I’ll add your recommendation to the list.

Also note that I’ve separated the list into Canadian and USA based designers.   That’s only because often my clients prefer working with someone in their own country.  But in our more global economy, what’s best to do is to choose the best designer for you, regardless of the country of origin.

Always do your own due diligence.  I’m sure there are other designers who can create excellent web sites for advisors, too.

When visiting sites, review the design of their own website AND their portfolios because that’s the quality type of work you’re going to receive, too.

Before you hire a designer, you might want to read these two articles I authored about websites:  10 Steps To Website Planning for Financial Advisors  19 Ways to Make Your FA Website More Trustable and Credible



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