Do you have visions of a multiple 6-figure income for 2014?

Would you like to participate in a program that helps you build

your business and avoid the massive mistakes that most financial

advisors make? Mistakes that keep them from reaching their

multiple 6-figure income goal?


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If you want to turbo-charge your income in 2014 (many folks are

saying this is THE year), join my Business Accelerator



Reserve your spot in this program where you’ll get:


* Peer Support: You learn most from people who have walked in

your shoes.

* Peer Accountability: The program keeps you on track with your

commitments and priorities.

* Focus: The group supports you as you focus on just what you

need at the time you need it.

* Outside Perspective: Your peers will provide their experiences

and you’ll be able to better see the trees and leaves, as well as

the whole business forest.

* Peace of Mind: When your business structure is in order, you

can work less, play more, and enjoy life.

* Expert Support: Get the advice of a business leader with 35

years of business experience, who has worked in various

departments in companies large and small, and who has worked with

business owners in more than 40 industries.

* Expert Accountability: I have various ways to keep you on track

and moving forward. I’m known for asking the difficult questions

and giving my clients a (gentle, loving) kick in the butt when




Here’s that link again to reserve your spot: )


Upwards and onwards,


Your “No Excuses” Improvement Coach


P.S. If you’ve ever heard been on one of my programs, you already

know I always OVERDELIVER on content. You really don’t want to

miss this chance in first quarter 2014!


P.P.S. Feel free to invite your friends and associates, but make

sure you reserve your spot here first: )

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