We’re Offering Training For Advisors Clients

If business owners or CEOs are your niche, here’s a special invitation.

I can help you help your clients to grow their business by providing them with a business development workshop, just like I did for Sam’s Club. I brought the store manager the idea of offering his customers a 60-minute strategic planning on steroids workshop and he jumped at the idea. He was looking for opportunities to get more business owners into the store without it being about purchasing a Sam’s Club Card or products in the store. They invited their customers and asked them to invite other business owners, 60 of which attended the event.

My offer to you is similar. It’s an opportunity for you to bring strangers into your business who may be prospective customers. I’ll provide an educational webinar for 50 people or teleseminar for 1000 people, on your behalf.

I’ll conduct the program and you offer it as a sponsor of the event. Send out invitations, invite who you want, ask your clients to invite people, etc. Invite others to the event could dramatically widen your prospective client list dramatically. This is a great way for you to thank your current best clients, as well as the friends that they invite.

Or if you conduct in person seminars, I could do an event at your location. You see, in a few months, I am driving across the country, from Seattle to Orlando, to New York. So talk to me about doing an in-person workshop for 90-minute.

My speaking rates and how I customize programs are clearly listed on my website. http://actnowseminars.com/new/index.php/customization/ . However, I’ll conduct a teleseminar or webinar for just $250 or a workshop at your place for $750.

Please note: 2016 webinars or seminars must be scheduled and paid for before May 20, 2016. Webinars can take place before May 20 or between September 1 and October 30. Workshops must take place between May 27 and July 10, 2016 when I’m traveling. or before or after the Christmas holidays. (January is a great time to hold a planning workshop).

To view Maria’s training programs, go to ActNowSeminars.com

Contact me so we can collaborate to develop a great seminar that you can offer for your clients and help them grow their businesses more this year! Let’s Talk!

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