The Power of Introverts: A Ted Conference Talk by Susan Cain

A client of mine sent me this audio of Susan Cain speaking at a TED conference. Was it because she and I are on opposite sides of the coin — I am an Introvert, speak and prefer workshops to Keynotes — and my client is mostly an Extrovert but sometimes acts like an Introvert. OR maybe it’s because Susan, like me is from Brooklyn. OR maybe it’s because she somehow knew that I recently ordered Susan’s book!  I guess I’ll find out when she comes here to comment!

Whatever it was I’m glad I had the opportunity of viewing it!

To think that 1 of 3 people around you is an Introvert may explain some things! OR to think that 2 of 3 people around you are Extroverts — that’s mind opening. OR maybe you’re an Amnivert?

I’ve watched this short talk twice and highly recommend it. It’s insightful, funny, and as all coaches do, provides a few action steps that all of us — you Extroverts too — can enjoy in a more harmonious world.

So tell us, can you relate to this? Is your favorite pastime curling up with a good book, thinking, doing, entertaining the masses…?

You can find Susan’s book at my Amazon Store


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