The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

In her book “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”, Catherine Ponder writes about three simple steps about the law of prosperity. The same steps can be easily be used by business owners to better organize the time you have, be more successful, find the freedom you’re looking for, etc.

The three steps are: (1) Have a plan, wring out your desires and constantly expanding it; (2) Mentally imaging that plan as fulfilled; (3) Constantly affirming its perfect fulfillment.

I highly recommend this book. Usually in prosperity books, you don’t read a lot about God or the bible. But you do in this book. I’ve looked at bible verses in a new way, a different way. The book is a mixture of spiritualism, religious, and metaphysical. A very intriguing mix, indeed. The author is amoung many things, a Unity Minister (they publish the Daily Word).

This is the type of book you want to read a little, take a few days to think about what you’ve read, and then go back for more.

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