Tell us about your company / in less than 35 words

Networking strategically is important all the time and a very good use of our expense money. I learned that on Wall Street when I had an expense account . Every now and then my boss would notice a name on my AMEX card that he didn’t recognize. I had to explain the “who what where” of our meeting, then it as approved.

Networking strategically in these economic times is imperative. It “puts the boss back into our businesses” when we wear our boss hat and watch who we’re spending time with or where we’re spending our training or networking dollars.

And it’s so important to capture the attention (or repel people) at meetings or even through your profile. (Of course, that’s AFTER you ask them “so tell me about you”,  learned some and want to continue to talk to them.)

I’ve been working on my elevator speech (I call it a business snapshot). It’s
Who do you help:
What are the results:
How do you do it:
Give an example:

This is the one I just started using this week. At my book club meeting yesterday my action action step was to practice it, hone it and get it out there more …


We helping overwhelmed women B2B owners become “big shots”; substantially increasing sales and productivity as they work less.

When you do the first two parts well, people will ask you “how do you do that” and then you can give then an example!

Tell us about your business in 35 words…. it’s a good game to play, especially since often we only have a brief time to get our point across.

  • What’s your name
  • Who do you help
  • What are the results
  • What’s your website URL

My name is Maria and at Elevating Your Business we helping overwhelmed women B2B owners become “big shots”; substantially increasing sales and productivity as they work less.  Learn more at

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