Techology Alert – Update Internet Explorer, Adobe, Java (and more)

If you use Internet Explorer, then this alert pertains to you. And if you use Microsoft Office, an Apple, Adobe Reader, and Java some tips below can assist you, too. I figure that while people are updating software, you might as well make sure that you’ve got the most recent versions of other basic computer and business software, too.

Recently, you may have heard about a major security flaw in Internet Explorer. If you have XP (yes, you read that right) up to the current edition of Internet 11 on your computer go here to learn how to Update your settings

Another update is also available, this one from Java, and has nothing to do with the security flaw. It’s a regular update and you can get yours here

I have my Microsoft and Java updates set to download automatically and I recommend that to my clients. Usually they do minor updates on Tuesdays. That means that on the bottom right side of my computer on Wednesdays, I may see new icons telling me that an upload is ready to install.

Quarterly, I also check the Adobe website to see if Adobe Reader (the program that allows us to read PDF files) or Flash (the program that in some cases lets us view videos and flash on websites, has been updated, too. Go directly to the download page here

The other thing I schedule is weekly a Disk Cleanup. It will get rid of everything that shows up. Like the many temporary pages and graphics that Explorer downloads so that you can more easily view web pages you visit often. And it cleans out other files that I don’t need, too. When I’ve helped neighbors or clients "speed up" or try to do that, I will do the things I mentioned in this email PLUS get them to remove any old programs they’re no longer using.

Here are the links again:

If you’d like me to answer your questions about this email, or walk you through updating technology, let me know here If enough people request, I’ll conduct a Q and A webinar on Sunday afternoon.

Upwards and Onwards,

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