Taming the Beast – An EYB Favorite

I can “hand” code websites. It’s a skill I learned at Wake Tech Community College in N.C. Back in 1998 I took an 18 hour class and created my first website page, and then created my first Coach Maria website.

But I don’t know everything! So when I need something, one of the first places I go a look’n is Taming the Beast.net. That’s where the (hopefully) professional looking pop-up ad for my newsletter comes from. Of course I had to brand the code that I was provided with, but now you know about one of the oddles of tools and websites I use to create my websites. Here’s the page that provides the code for the popups ad you’ll see the first time you come to this website. http://www.tamingthebeast.net/generators/popup-hover-ad.htm

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