It Takes 21 Days To Create A Habit — Hogwash!

You may have heard the same thing as I did. That it takes 21 days to create a habit. And like many coaches, I’m mimicked that information —even to my clients.

Often it took them more than 21 days to create a habit or change a mind-set. For some, it may have taken a week or so, but for others it took a longer amount of years. In my own life, I was working on creating a new habit and after 21 days, it was still far away from becoming a habit. I felt very defeated. Try as I did, 21 days were over, and the habit I’d been working on wasn’t a habit.

Then just this week I watched a news story on TV about that updated me on this topic. Today I went online to see if I can chase down this habit thing.

As you’ll see in article 2 below, it could be that the 21 days rule was taken out of context. And thanks to a UK college, this information has been updated.

So if during your personal or business development, you’ve felt frustrated because it took you a long time to create a new habit, give yourself a break. Because now you have the REAL story! It’s usual for a new habit to take 66 days to develop… and some of us know that even that number is too small.

2 Articles On This Topic

University College London’ll-take-21-days-make-your-resolution-habit-try-2D11826051

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