Are you struggling to put your big ideas into action?

Question MarksIt’s time to kick overwhelm and frustration to the curb. You’ll have a clear action plan after your "Rent Maria’s Brain" Session!

If you look around my websites, you won’t find information on any hourly coaching sessions (hourly sessions are only offered to clients as maintenance calls). For my birthday special, I am offering you the opportunity to pick my brain for your Transformation Acceleration strategy.

During your call you’ll consciously create an action plan with the momentum to take the next BIG STEP in your business. Schedule your session A.S.A.P., to occur before Thanksgiving Day 2013 — no exceptions. We’ll hold the calls via phone or on the web (no webcam necessary). The call can be audio taped and then transcribed for you into a Word Document within 2 business days (we’ll ask you if you want this service; there is no additional charge).

Here is a sample of the topics we can cover with you to transform your business more quickly.

Set up a strategy session at 50% off and let’s get you moving forward more quickly! Save $300-$350 and the coupon code is: birthday. Pay here and then we’ll call you to schedule your session. We’ll also send you 2 assessments to complete before your call.

"I had the privilege to work with Maria for an hour regarding my executive career path. She is OUTSTANDING, real life ideas, human, down to earth, and extremely ahead of our times, not to mention has lots of professional knowledge. If she is telling you to try something, it means that she has tried it herself and had much success. Maria is successful because she gives back to those in need of constructive ideas, new ways to re-invent themselves for a new direction of their careers. Never is she afraid to say the obvious because she is ready to get you to your next step of success. If you are an executive, thinking of changing companies or careers, I highly recommend you speak with Maria for your personal or business growth."

Christine Shur, (Now) Vice President Consumer Market, Bank of America, Philadelphia, PA

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