Since starting your small business, what have you learned about taxes?

Read what 10 experts are saying about the subject here.



Here’s #9  (from me!)  As seen on the My Corporation website

9. “The biggest tip I have regarding taxes is to hire a bookkeeper to update whatever accounting program your firm uses. Depending on the size of your small business, they can arrive at a business weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Small business owners are best left to work with clients, vs. do their own bookkeeping. Have the bookkeeper leave you with printed reports that will help you see where your money is going and look at the sales tax, income numbers, and employment taxes for accuracy. It’s so much easier to catch mistakes (yours or theirs!) when you look at the reports often. And your accountant or CPA can then take a copy of your file at year end to do your taxes, too.” –Maria Marsala, Elevating Your Business


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