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For Investment Advisors, Financial Planners and small business owners who have been struggling to find more time to work with more clients…

Start 2015 Right By Getting Laser Focused On Your Busine$$ Priorities

Stategic Business Coach, Planning Strategist Maria Marsala
It’s common to find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated with all there is to do to keep a business running like a Swiss Watch… let alone improve or grow it.

By NOT knowing or focusing on priorities you’ll continue to kiss 30-35 hour weeks good-bye and you’ll be overwhelmed and frustrated by all there is to do each day.

If you need to make your life and business a bit easier (regardless how the economy is doing), you’ll want to read on.

Improving Your Result$ Starts With Your Vision

Your Business Vision Statement defines focus areas for your overall plan and uncovers elements crucial to the growth of your business. This secret weapon, the first part of any plan, helps successful business owners make more money, even during a moody economy!

Your business vision is a tool that helps you start to prioritize what’s most important to your future success. And by the time this webinar is over, you’ll have a draft of your business vision done! Our process is simple, short, memorable, and repeatable*.

Your Business Vision Statement also helps propels you and your team forward every day. Yes, don’t keep it a secret. Share it with your support team members (and family). Let your vision create excitement about the future and motivate your team, too.

“Maria had us create 3 visions. That gave me a timeline to review what I need to do to grow my business and made me think about where I want my business to be in 10 or 15 years, and when I want to retire. A few things I had never really thought about.”

Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS

Barnard & Associates, Pension Consultant and EA Specializing in Pension & Profit Sharing Plans for USA Based Physicians

Maria’s note: Monica attended one of my day long events where we did create 3 different visions. Learn more about that program, here.

Who Should Attend?

This program is for you if you offer financial services to your clients and are ready to take your practice to the next level. It’s especially for you if you’ve reached a certain level of success and you find yourself working 50+ hour weeks, you want better results from your efforts, or your revenue has flat-lined the past few years. This program is for:

  • financial, wealth, and investment advisors, planners
  • agents, accountants, wholesalers, professionals, and managers
  • you if you’re a trusted advisor or work with trusted advisors

You’ll benefit from having a copy of your vision. You’ll be clear about where you’re headed and your firms priorities will be in writing.

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake financialpreneurs make when they market and how you can AVOID falling into that trap.
  • The #1 thing you MUST do to transform the time you spend on your business into revenue.
  • The 8 parts to creating a compelling vision statement that helps you set your priorities.
  • Everything you need to complete your first draft of your Business Vision Statement before the class ends.

You will come away from the webinar with:

  • Your desires, ideas, and insights plucked from the whirling storm in your head and put them down on paper! You’ll have a business vision for the next 12 months and a brighter, more profitable future.
  • A laser-focused, repeatable, step-by-step envisioning process you can use to get the results you want in your business or your life — yes, even in this economy!
  • An excitement about serving more people and earning more money.

Register today for this quick paced, 45-minute Business Vision Webinar

Date: March 19, 2015.

Time: Choose a time 7am or 1:15pm PST / 10am or 4:15pm EST

Place: Your computer and/or phone from a quiet place

Investment: FREE. Save your seat today. No replays will be available of this event. Each date is limited to 25 participants

Maria Marsala Brings Strategic
Focus, Action, and Result$

An unstoppable entrepreneur, Maria Marsala sold AVON at age 14 and landed on Wall Street three years later. Fiercely determined and keenly insightful, Maria became a bond trader when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds. For 25 years, Maria streamlined Fortune 500 departments with integrity, nurtured non-profits, and discovered her niche–mentoring remarkable financial professionals.

In 1998, Maria created Elevating Your Business (EYB), an education, coaching, and speaking company. The company is dedicated to helping independent financial professionals, advisors, agents, and planners multiply their bottom line and create an extraordinary life. Elevating Your Business provides proven systems and tools to increase accountability, and a (gentle) kick in the a$$ when needed.

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Your Investment: Time

Save your seat today. Each session is limited to 25 participants

*About the repeatable process: We love redundant systems! Our clients have used the vision process to create many types of visions to keep themselves focused including: 12 month, 3 years, 10 years, and business succession visions; family, personal, and even visions for a project they’re working on personally or professionally.



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