Research magazine’s Advisor Hall of Fame (Summary)

I was reading an article this morning, on  about “Research magazine’s Advisor Hall of Fame, now in its 25th year”
Three advisors have been added to their Hall of Fame. Here’s the article: (there is a link on the page to see the article “in full” and if you’re not a member of the site, you can join for free.
Here’s what I, as someone who helps my clients grow their firms, found interesting to read.
They all have developed niches.  Some around AUM, some around the people they work with (single women).  Over the years, the AUM of their niche has grown.  At least one company is openly picky about who they take on as clients.   That, to me, is the best way to niche.  Know who you can help the most and stick to it!
Their love for the business and the clients they’re working with shines through, even in the printed word.
You can restart a business at any age and be very successful.
Everyone has hurdles to overcome in life. The secret is not letting the hurdles overcome you.
They have adapted to change and social networking.
Some Ways They Market
Weekly or monthly enewsletter
Scheduled luncheon seminars for their clients with guest speakers
Calling clients (phone and Skype)
Sending articles of interest to client’s
Doing things that get the whole family involved with the firm
Teach clients/families about money and finances
One sends cards to clients of paintings he’s created
Age has nothing to do with their prosperity. One advisor started a new firm at age 52!
Give Back
They all have the time to give back to a variety of nonprofits and some get their teams involved in the giving back, too.
They graciously accept recognition.
They have great business advice for you as an advisor.
Good reading for a Monday morning (or afternoon or night)!
Upwards and onwards,
Coach Maria
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