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Marketing Smarter:  Hitting Your Niche

Position Yourself To Become the Obvious Choice

Presented by BrightTALK’s Finance ChannelHitting Your Niche


Why should an individual seeking a financial advisor contact YOU?  Why should your clients risk their reputation and REFER you?  What makes you STAND OUT?


If you answered, “Great customer service!” or “Experience!” your voice evaporated in a crowd of thousands.  If you talk about your credentials, how you’re paid, or your fiduciary responsibility, you’ll only confuse the stranger you’ve just met.


Wouldn’t you like to be SOUGHT OUT by prospects instead of constantly chasing them?  As a financial advisor, you need to establish a connection with the clients you’re looking to serve.   If prospects aren’t finding YOU, you are missing your niche.


In this program, you’ll learn how to differentiate yourself so that you become the OBVIOUS CHOICE for clients.  You’ll discover practical strategies for developing niche that single you out as the “go-to” expert.   


Accept that you can’t be all things to all people and enjoy the benefits that go with hitting your niche.  



Financial advisors, in business 1-40 years ready to grow your firm to the next level and beyond.

Join us, especially if you’re not currently running a niched firm or your niche isn’t working out as well as you thought it would.  OR you’re 10-20 years away from retirement and are ready to create a niche as a way to purposefully grow your firm as part of their nest egg



– Common mistakes financial advisors make around niching

– 3 specific steps to help you identify the best niche for you and your firm

– The 4 four niches you don’t want to choose (and why)


Available right now!  Register to watch the replay PLUS receive a 16 page ebook AND  our Your Niche Assessment, too!


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