LinkedInCreate or update your LinkedIn profile using our template and easily show it to your Compliance Department for approval! Learn how to use the various tools LinkedIn offers to grow your business, build your credibility, connect with people you’ve already met, send information to your clients, and more. Get all your questions answered during the weekly calls and via email.

Why use LinkedIn? Some interesting statistics:

  • 5 million affluent investors use social media to research final decisions. 73% use LinkedIn to research financial decisions.*
  • 79% of the Ultra Affluent (over $5 million in investable assets) do their own investment research. They are 37% more likely to trust information from their LinkedIn network and 157% more likely to trust articles shared on LinkedIn.*
  • More than 3 out of 5 advisors who used LinkedIn to develop prospects have gained new clients.**
  • For those advisors who developed new business from using LinkedIn, nearly 33% gained $1 million or more in AUM; 12% gained $5 million or more.**

According to studies conducted by:
* Cogent Research and LinkdIn

** FTI Consulting and LinkedIn

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"When it comes to excellence one name rises to the top and that is Maria Marsala. I interviewed her about LinkedIn and though I am well versed in the topic, she shared techniques that all others who claim expertise in the subject did not."

Yvonne F. Brown, Communications and Leadership Trainers
JAD Communications International, Chicago
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