Important Interview Questions to Ask When Selecting YOUR Business Coach

Stategic Business Coach, Planning Strategist Maria Marsala

Most financial advisors show up for a session with a coach with no specific questions in mind.  What they do know is that they can use some help and that growing a business alone is no easy task.   When you consider partnering with a business coach in order to accelerate your growth you want to know that you’re getting the biggest bang for your bucks.

Come to the call prepared.  Most coaches and advisors will give you an initial 15-30 minute complimentary session.  But if you need more in order to make a decision, go back to them and ask for a bit more.

Before you attend the session, create a list of 5 business and personal goals you “think” you’d like to reach in the next 3-5 years.   In addition, do your due dilligence, question the heck out of the coach and learn what you need to learn about them in order to make an informed decision.   I recommend speaking to three business coaches within your niche and then choosing the one you feel can assist you the most and who has the type of personality you need to help you succeed.  NEVER choose just on price.  Would you want someone to only hire you on price?


    1. What is in your background  that would have me believe that you can help me?
    2. How do you help me achieve my business objectives?
    3. Describe for me a situation where you worked with a client who had similar goals to what I have.
    4. Who is your ideal client?
    5. What program would you recommend for me, based on what you’ve learned about me and my goals today?
    6. Last but not least ask the coach if they have ever fired a client.  If they say yes, that’s a good sign.  Because you don’t want a coach to take your money if a) you’re continually not doing your homework, or b) they realize that they can’t  — for whatever reason — help you.

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