Public Relations Tips for Small Business Owners

According to the dictionary, Public Relations is "a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution." It’s an often overlooked are of marketing and way for a company to quickly build credibility and notoriety. Why is it overlooked? Often it’s because when small business owners think of PR, they think it’s going to cost them big bucks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And for most small business owners, it shouldn’t have to be that way until you’re ready to pay someone else the big bucks to do it for you.

Yes, big companies pay big bucks for a professional PR strategist to work for them on a monthly retainer basis. Ten years ago, Annie Jennings pioneered a different way for PR professionals to price their services — on an as-needed basis. Today many PR professionals work with small business owners using "by the project" as well as on a retainer basis.

There are low cost or do-it-yourself ways to create your first PR campaign and those resources are below. But two BIG areas of caution are:
1) If your PR efforts look unprofessional they can do your company more harm than good.
2) If you do your campaign yourself, it might not cost you out of pocket; however, it will cost you a great deal of time — which equates to money not made while you’re doing it yourself.

Now where should you spend your first PR budget dollars? Purchase two books or ebooks, read them, do the exercises, and then hire someone to take your work and turn it into something much better. Then every three years update all your marketing materials. So two years ago I updated my websites, and last year I had someone update my bio and now it sparkles. In fact I get emails complementing me on the bios on my website or he one at the end of FOCUS! e-newsletter! You can view a few of my bios here.

The Resource Queen’s Favorite PR Resources

Website Advice I’ve Used

My Favorite PR Books

Marcia Yudkin, the author of the 6 Steps to Free Publicity recognized me as an article marketing pioneer and asked me to write about promoting your business by writing articles. You’ll find what I wrote used in her book and also at Article

An ebook I recommend is Bye-bye Boring Bios

Get PR Lists

Below are free resources that provide you with lists of radio, TV, blog radio, magazines, newspapers, and blogs who are looking for you. It’s important for you to make 100% sure that you are an exact fit for what they’re seeking or you could be removed from the service. (Note to all the VA’s or Online Business Managers on my elist — consider monitoring these services as an added profit generating service to your clients.)

  • HARO Help A Reporter Out. The first of it’s kind, it contains all sorts of media opportunities.
  • Pitch You’ll also find some excellent audios on this website
  • Reporter Connection A newer service.
  • Guest Radio This is the one where you will find radio or Internet radio shows announcements.

Did I leave out YOUR favorite PR resource? Use the comments area to submit your favorite resource. Tell us how it’s helped your business.

stop picture Strategic Action Plan

Today add PR to your One Page Business Plan’s® strategies!

1. Purchase a book on the subject and immerse yourself in PR.

2. Subscribe to two PR email lists or PR opportunity lists that you’re willing to read.

3. Make the time to learn how to do PR right.

4. Do it!

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