Professional Boundaries – Saying “No”

You know, it’s hard to say that to someone, even if I don’t
know them, because I want to be helpful to others and want
people to like me. Can you relate? But that message is
mandatory to create in your own words of course and keep in
your automatic messages folder to send out every time it’s

Even if your mission is similar to mine, which is to help
individuals become financially free by creating businesses
as investments, you must create boundaries in your
business. And it doesn’t matter if you sell a service,
product you created or sell a Multi-Level-Marketing
product. In fact, the Pricing Strategies Program I
created comes directly from all the lessons I learned the
hard way! What I want to do is make sure that you have all
of what you need to “do things right” no matter if you’re
new to business or in business 15 years!

One of the many important concepts to review yearly is
where the line is between where “free” ends and where
charging begins. Of course, you want to create value for
prospects. You want to bring prospects into your marketing
funnel. And you must remember that business is all about
making money.

What professional boundaries have you determined are good for you and your business?

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