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18 Places Advisors Learn More About Your ideal Clients

Congratulations! You’ve invested time and thought into determining the type of clients you want to work with. Your niche is set. You’re so far ahead of all the other financial advisors! Great going!

You’ve created your Ideal Client Profile using demographics, technographics, psychographics and geographics. You’ve checked out your assumptions. You’ve also created a five high-priority question list to ask prospects in a discovery interview; these questions are designed to learn if indeed you’re sitting across from an ideal client (or a prospect from hell).


Happy Valentine’s Day – Enjoy This Special Coaching Offer!

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You and I may have something important in common. Sometimes, I have a hard time asking for help.

I’m here to remind you that the fastest way to reach your goals in 2014 is to enlist some help!


Google CEO, Eric Schmidt – “Everybody needs a coach”

As a Business Coach, I enjoyed listening to Mr. Schmidt’s endorsement of how helpful it’s been for him to have Coach.

It’s a big myth that only people in trouble or people who lack solutions or who can’t solve their own problems hire coaches. The truth is that hiring a coach gives you another perspective on life/business, an ear to hear yourself speak outloud, and cheerleader, someone who helpfully questions you, and a person who provides you advice.


10-Step Website Planning for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are bringing their “second office” to the Internet, but they often experience migraines when deciding what that means as they get ready to hire and deal with a web designer. On the other hand, my designer clients often tell me that they want to rip their hair out because of the extra items their clients keep asking for after they’ve started a project.


16 Ways To Leave Your Financial Firm

The best planning processes keeps the end goal in mind.

While creating their Business Blueprint, I ask all new clients the question “how do you want to exit your firm”. The most common answers are:

  1. I want to drop dead at my desk
  2. Why do we need to talk about that for?  (especially if they’ve just gone independent, but usually the answer for anyone under 40)

Yet dying at your desk will create numerous problems for your estate and that sort of strategy will only hurt your family and staff — and your clients!.   In fact, financial advisors and planners, CPAs, etc.  are acutely aware that having ownership in a business upon death isn’t a good financial planning.


Does your financial business need a rehab?

Have you been searching for a surefire tips that will bring more clients through your door — more easily?

During your search, how many books and website pages have you read? How many speakers or webinars have you listened to? Has the information brought more clients to you?

Guess what? You know what you need to do, but you keep looking.


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It Takes 21 Days To Create A Habit — Hogwash!

You may have heard the same thing as I did. That it takes 21 days to create a habit. And like many coaches, I’m mimicked that information —even to my clients.

Often it took them more than 21 days to create a habit or change a mind-set. For some, it may have taken a week or so, but for others it took a longer amount of years.