How Often Should You Update Your Website?

Being an early user of computers (1973) and having coded my first website in 1998, I’m regularly asked how often a website “should” be updated.

You want your site to look as professional as you and your firm are.

You want your site to look as professional as you and your firm are.

To keep up with current trends or near-current trends, it’s important to write “update website” on your marketing plan every year.  That doesn’t mean you spend $5K to update it!  Instead, look at polishing the text a bit every year and tweak or revamp the look every two years.

Small changes
Sometimes, updates are small.  In 2001, I removed music from my home page that was popular in 1999 but had become annoying.  In 2003, I added a logo created by a pro and removed pop-ups.  I also updated all my marketing collateral (printed materials) to match my website.

Mid-level changes
Mid-size changes might look like adjusting the dimensions of a website to reach across the entire screen, creating a border around the pages, or updating the font. 


A Proven, Turn-key Process For Serving The 401k Market

Running a successful, compliant 401 practice requires documentation, and a repeatable process.  You’ll also want a service model that helps plan sponsors demonstrate compliance with regulations, while making managing your 401k business simple.


The 401k Service Solution is a tested and proven set of turn-key sales, marketing, and compliance documents.  Together, they provide a comprehensive process so you can focus on growing your business instead of building out a service model.


Learn how you can leverage these resources to differentiate your practice, visit:


Contact Sharon Pivirotto at 412-440-8806 with your questions and to request a personal backstage look the material.


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Advisors: Fast Track Your Success in 2015

Business Accelerator Inner CircleWould you like to attract more of your most profitable clients, have more time to spend with your clients, and re-energize your practice?

This 6-month intensive provides the arena and accountability you seek to implement positive change in your practice with direct feedback and support.

Sharpen your practice management skills and get ahead of the competition with this virtual workshop.
With business best-practices and proven systems, you will become a sought-after specialist in 2015 and for years to come.

How you will benefit:
• Discover how to attract more of the right clients
• Distinguish and focus on income-producing priorities
• Leverage your time and increase productivity
• Implement time- and money-saving systems for your back office
• Breathe easier as you create more time for the things that matter most

What you will cover:
• Conduct a business and life audit for clarity and focus throughout the workshop
• Define your client niche and how to attract them to your practice
• Create a comprehensive One Page Business and Marketing Plan®
• Execute your plans with accountability and feedback from your peers and Coach Maria

See the full Course Curriculum and a Week-by-Week Course Description here

Who should attend:
• Financial professionals – advisors, planners, managers
• Business owners who work with advisors
• Founders of advisory firms or service businesses

It benefits financial professionals to attend courses with owners of other types of businesses and vice versa.


Financial Advisor Template: Business Vision Statement

Vision Statement Template (3 sentence version)


By (1) ______________ grow




into a (3) ___________________________________


(4) working with clients living in _____________________________________.


Your (5) _________________________________________

firm provides


(6) _____________________________________________


(7) ____________________________________________.


We measure success by having a team of (8) _____________, AUM of (9)_________ and revenues of (10) ________________.


(c) 1994 One Page Business Plan, Maria Marsala, One Page Business Plan Consultant.

Learn what you and your team members need to fill in these 9 blanks at 

Or request that Maria visit your site to teach members of your team to create their visions and business/career plans.  Request a demo at



LinkedIn Tip: Save your connections!

You’ve worked hard (or not) to gather your current list of LinkedIn connections. How would you feel if you attempted to log in to your account and found that it had been closed?

Don't let your valuable connections disappear from sight!

Don’t let your valuable business connections disappear from your sight!

True story.

One day, back in 2007, I (tried to) log in to my LinkedIn account and received a message that my account had been shut down. I had no idea just how long it had been closed — or why.

It took me another four days to find a way to contact LI and learn what happened.

Ended up that I had unknowingly violated the LI User Agreement, someone had complained, and my account was closed. What had I done? I’d put the word “Coach” in my name. Yes, in the first name area of my LinkedIn profile, I had written “Coach Maria”.

I had to fix my error and send an email to LI saying that I’d never do it again.


Technology Solutions for Financial Advisors

With the right technology, independent financial advisors and planners can save money, time, and hours of operational frustrations. You’ll have more time to concentrate on building deeper client relationships, both existing and new.

AllBackOffice delivers client data and reports with information to help you service your clients. The technology is located in a secure area of “the cloud”. The best part is that it’s easy for you and your staff to analyze. The technology solutions they provide include: billing, performance reporting, held away account aggregation, data integration, and client web reporting.


Call Marty Morua at 917-833-3994 and learn how AllBackOffice can simplify your operations.  You’ll also find Marty on LinkedIn at


Visit the AllBackoffice website at


Advisors: Kick Your New Year’s Resolutions To The Curb

Did you know that 97% of New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten by January 31st?

If you’ve found yourself a part of that statistic, as I have, read on for a longer-lasting concept to help you grow each year.

If you’re ready to kick the concept of a “resolution” to the curb and want something simple and different to keep you focused on your goals for the entire year, create a theme. This concept was designed by Thomas Leonard, CFP, who also founded the first coaching school, the one I attended in 1998.

Do New Year's Resolutions leave you less than enthused?  Themes are inspirational and help you focus better!

Do New Year’s Resolutions leave you less than enthused? Themes are inspirational and help you focus better!

Themes are uplifting and inspiring. Have you ever given a birthday party and asked people to bring gifts with a “garden” or “fishing” theme? I know someone who asked people to bring something they made themselves. What a wonderful way to actually get what you want at your party!


Advisors: Set Better Priorities With a Strong Business Vision

There’s still available space! When we announced these comp tickets, we got a great response! So much so that I added one more session!

Don’t wait! Sessions are limited to 24 attendees!

Did you know that 97% of New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten by January 31st?

It’s sad, but true. By the end of January, most people kick their resolutions to the curb and abandon the path that leads to the change they desire.

Have you ever done this? I know I have.

Was it because you didn’t know where to start?

Was it because you didn’t have a laser-sharp vision?

Was it because you just didn’t write it down so that it resonated with you?

I am committed to helping you put YOUR GOALS TO WORK for you in 2015!

I’ve designed a training program that will help you start reenergizing your practice in the New Year. The session times work whether you live in North America or “across the pond”!


Maria Recommends: JotForm for web-based forms

Do you need to create a professional looking “contact us” form on your website, blog, or Facebook account? Ready to create a survey form? What about a form used to register attendees for your next event?  

Or maybe you need a form for some other reason and don’t have a website at all?

Five or six years ago, I went “form digging” for a resource that would create forms “on the fly”. Before that time, I needed very few forms and either created my own forms or paid a programmer to create them for me.

But since I wanted to design more and different forms, I decided that it was time to find a company who could make the process easier on me an my purse.

Over a six-month time frame, I tried nearly 10 programs and chose Jot Form. Today, many years later, I still use and highly recommend And if you’re reading this post on December 24, 2014, Jot Form is holding a 1/2 price sale!