Why Financial Advisors Must Have a LinkedIn Profile

ID-100249677Every financial professional needs a LinkedIn profile.  This is not a “should have” — this is a “must have”.  Why?  What most financial advisors don’t know is that when someone types your name into a search engine, your LinkedIn profile will often rank higher than your own website!

Years ago, the financial industry was light years ahead of every other industry when it came to technology.  My first job on Wall Street, in 1973, involved computerizing a division of an operations department.

Today, most financial firms are 15-18 years behind anything Internet-related.  If you’re a financial advisor, there is a chance that you don’t have a website (yet), have a very generic website, or are not allowed to have a website. 


Maria’s Musing: Don’t Make This Technology Mistake!

It’s one that I made this year.

While attending coaching school, one of the many lessons I learned was to do as I tell my clients to do.  My clients create systematize to improve their firms operations and marketing.   They also review each planning system yearly and other systems after one year and then every 3 years for efficiency.  I do the same.

This was the year I updated my own virtual workshop system.  I began by looking at the various technologies I have used over the last 16 years:

The resources I’ve been using for years now include many new features.  


OFFICE 365 Training for Financial Advisors

Microsoft Office 365 contains numerous features that help an advisor run a dynamic business practice while continuing to meet and maintain compliance requirements.

Stop running your business with a "personal" email account.  Office 365 Email is secure, reliable, and professional.

Office 365 Email is secure, reliable, and professional.

It’s said that we use between 10-20% of the features of the software we own. Through this Office 365 course you’ll learn how the software can help you run your business more efficiently.  You’ll also leverage features and practices that are essential for compliance.  Affordable at $29 each or all 12 for $99.

View class offerings on the bottom of http://lucidpointe.advisorproducts.com/home

P.S.  Let Robert know that Coach Maria sent you.


What’s Special About My LinkedIn Connection, Robert Clark?

Robert is just another Microsoft Partner. Or is he? Robert is special because his niche is the financial industry. He’s also the first MP I’ve ever come across that “gets” the industry.

RClark 2 sq gray cropAn Microsoft (MS) Partner is an independent company that provides MS products, offers services that back up those products, and helps customers with IT solutions. Here’s more on MS Partners: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Certified_Partner

In addition to what I described above about MS Partners, Robert teaches RIAs, advisors, planners, etc. how to best use the products. One of his virtual courses is called “Office 365 and Compliance”  

If you don’t yet have an IT specialist on your team, I recommend that you contact Robert. 


Profit More This Summer!


It’s almost halfway through the year. Are you almost halfway to your 2015 goals?

In January, you set goals to increase your AUM, work fewer hours, and spend more time at home . . . how are you doing with those?

Time flies, doesn’t it? Before you know it, you get sidetracked and end up bogged down in paperwork. And those resolutions seem far, far away. It’s natural to just do the things you’re comfortable with for the sake of time and sanity.


How Scammers Steal Your Proprietary Materials

— and What You Can Do About It

Scammers abound. You’ll find them in your community, on the Internet, and everywhere in between.
A year ago, while researching technology specialists in the financial industry, I came across a website that seemed oddly familiar. It was a carbon copy of another site I had seen! Someone had stolen every page, every picture, the logo, and even a list of outsourcers from the first site.

I notified the real owner of the site, who thanked me for alerting her to this theft. Her web designer went through the steps to get the scammer’s site shut down.


Practice Management Monthly Recap May 2015

Welcome to the “Practice Management Monthly Recap” edition of my newsletter. So many of you complimented me on the content of the first two editions in this format that this format will become a monthly staple.  Today’s edition contains 2 months’ worth of my favorite practice management articles. We’re all caught up now!

Practice Management Monthly Recap contains articles that are worthy of your reading, thought-provoking ideas, and “to doing” items. Take 1 idea from just 1 article each month and “do it”. While all the articles are worthy of your reading, the articles at the top of each category, in my opinion, were the best of the best.


FAs: 7 Helpful Resources To Refine Your Niche

Have you been thinking about refining or redefining your niche? Maybe you’re ready to consider niching as a way to have more time to work with clients? If so, you’ll find the blog articles and webinar resources below “more than helpful”.

158+ Advisor Niches: This is an ever expanding list of possible niches to get you thinking. They are sectioned off into three categories — what I call the 3 P’s: population and product (which most financial advisors think about when they are considering niching) AND passion (yours and your clients). http://www.marketingwithintegrity.com/67-financial-advisor-niches/

13 Reasons Why You Should Niche: This is a list of niching benefits gleaned over 16 years.


Advisors: Say No & Set Boundaries for Freebie Seekers

Establishing where free ends and fee begins can be challenging, difficult and even nerve racking! However, learning the art of declining gracefully, when that’s really what you want to do, is an essential skill that helps you focus on what’s important in your practice.

“So, you’re a financial advisor…have any hot stock tips? What should I be buying? Can I take you out for coffee, pick your brain, and get your opinion on my portfolio?”

Sad but true, you’re probably shaking your head, rolling your eyes, or chuckling knowingly to yourself. If you only had a nickel for every time someone asked you for free, off-the-cuff advice, right?