Advisors: Say No & Set Boundaries for Freebie Seekers

Establishing where free ends and fee begins can be challenging, difficult and even nerve racking! However, learning the art of declining gracefully, when that’s really what you want to do, is an essential skill that helps you focus on what’s important in your practice.

“So, you’re a financial advisor…have any hot stock tips? What should I be buying? Can I take you out for coffee, pick your brain, and get your opinion on my portfolio?”

Sad but true, you’re probably shaking your head, rolling your eyes, or chuckling knowingly to yourself. If you only had a nickel for every time someone asked you for free, off-the-cuff advice, right?


Financial Advisors: How are you using Skype in your business?

skypeThe platform is there for you to use in your business. Its technology that works well 95% of the time.

The technology platform is there for you to use in your business. Its works well 95% of the time.

You can use it from the comfort of your home or office. It’s a great platform that allows you to connect with clients more often when they are not local to you. Many business owners use Skype with clients who are local because it gives your clients the option of sitting in their backyard (or not sitting in traffic) while working with you.


Wanted Female Pheasant Age, Doesn’t Matter


My wife and I lived in the area that is now called Poulsbo Place.  In an effort to find a new home, seven or so years ago, we resettled on Hamilton CT near 1st Ave.

We loved having the run of the place.  There are lots of open spaces with green grass to run across (ergo my nickname, “Road Runner”).  We found just enough trees, including some with low-lying branches, which made a great home for our children.  You see, we hide our nest on the ground, not up in trees.

Life was more than great.

Then it happened.  I lost my mate.


Since starting your small business, what have you learned about taxes?

Read what 10 experts are saying about the subject here.



Here’s #9  (from me!)  As seen on the My Corporation website

9. “The biggest tip I have regarding taxes is to hire a bookkeeper to update whatever accounting program your firm uses. Depending on the size of your small business, they can arrive at a business weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Small business owners are best left to work with clients, vs. do their own bookkeeping. Have the bookkeeper leave you with printed reports that will help you see where your money is going and look at the sales tax, income numbers, and employment taxes for accuracy.


Outsource HR to Protect & Grow Your Financial Firm

Most financial advisors delay the task of hiring employees because learning about HR processes such as hiring, training, retaining, or firing employees takes time away from working with clients.  Implementing HR correctly (and legally) involves learning about various state and federal labor laws in order to set up HR processes, employee forms, and manuals.


When you’re ready to grow your firm with the right people and HR is not one of your strengths as an advisor-owner, it’s best to hire a professional HR consultant.  The right HR person is worth their weight in gold; while they do their job, you can grow your practice and keep your sanity.  


8 Website Mistakes Make That Turn Away Serious Prospects

A prospect visits your financial advisory website after a friend gave them a referral to you.  They like what they see and would like to take the next step — to speak with you.  They never contact you.

Instead they leave your website annoyed (actually pissed off that they just wasted their time on your site).


You’ve probably made one (or more) of the 8 website mistakes listed below that annoy prospects and make them leave a website (even when they are looking to hire someone):

Have you given your website visitors all the ways they can contact you?

Have you given your website visitors all the ways they can contact you?


1) You’ve Made It a Hassle to Contact You #1

There is no “contact us”, “let’s talk”, or “schedule a call” link clearly positioned in the navigation bar.


If you want to annoy prospects or clients, do this with your email!

Have you ever sent an email to someone and instead of getting a response, you learn that the email you’ve contacted doesn’t accept messages?

It’s called a “no reply” email and in my opinion, it should be banned!


You might get one when you join someone’s email list or receive  a link to a free report.

You might get it when you pay for a service and they send you a welcome note.


Hint to companies who use them… they are annoying!  Let alone that, consider what message you’re sending to prospects or your clients.  “I want your business but I really don’t want to hear from you”.  


Google+ (Plus) Changes: Good or Bad?

As you may have heard, Google+ will be torn apart.
Find Us on GooglePlus

There are two sides to the “coin” of course. Will it make Google+ better or worse for the business and executive communities?

Technology firm new stands out as it does because these firms often takes risks and try out new things.  Google and Microsoft often do this when they put programs in BETA.

As humans and professionals — either business owners or careers minded individuals — we are in charge of our own destiny.  We run the most important “company” on earth. The company called “YOU INC”.  As a continuous or life-long learner (I’m presuming that since you’re reading this you are both) chances are that you’re taking daily risks of various sizes and proportions.


How Often Should You Update Your Website?

Being an early user of computers (1973) and having coded my first website in 1998, I’m regularly asked how often a website “should” be updated.

You want your site to look as professional as you and your firm are.

You want your site to look as professional as you and your firm are.

To keep up with current trends or near-current trends, it’s important to write “update website” on your marketing plan every year.  That doesn’t mean you spend $5K to update it!  Instead, look at polishing the text a bit every year and tweak or revamp the look every two years.

Small changes
Sometimes, updates are small.  In 2001, I removed music from my home page that was popular in 1999 but had become annoying.