Outsource HR to Protect & Grow Your Financial Firm

Most financial advisors delay the task of hiring employees because learning about HR processes such as hiring, training, retaining, or firing employees takes time away from working with clients.  Implementing HR correctly (and legally) involves learning about various state and federal labor laws in order to set up HR processes, employee forms, and manuals.


When you’re ready to grow your firm with the right people and HR is not one of your strengths as an advisor-owner, it’s best to hire a professional HR consultant.  The right HR person is worth their weight in gold; while they do their job, you can grow your practice and keep your sanity.  HR consultants focus on your hiring needs and protect your organization from employee lawsuits, which can average $75k-$250k per event.  Having a dedicated HR professional’s help ensures that your employees understand their job responsibilities, how they will be evaluated, and what rules to follow.


The Lindenberger Group is a HR consulting firm that collaborates with financial professionals and small business owners. Judith Lindenberger and her team will help your firm comply with the law, attract and retain talent, and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on building your business.  Call Judith at 609 730 1049 or learn more about her company’s HR services at http://www.lindenbergergroup.com/









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