Newsletters For Financial Professionals: How many pages is “just enough”?

I’m going to start testing a different format for my professional and business development newsletter. For 12 years now I’ve sent it out to those who registered on my website anywhere from 2 to 4 times a month.  And when I did it twice a month I also sent out 2 ads to specials for events or a products.

I’m finding that more and more financial industry folks enjoy reading newsletters “off line” and giving them a nicely produced product that they (or their assistant) can print or forward to them is the way to go. The new format will be either a PDF file in the email that is sent out and/or a link to the PDF newsletter.

The newsletter will have a variety of sections: article, tip, audio, “stuff”, resources, events, etc. I’ll send it out monthly PLUS send out one or two other short emails out during the month with upcoming events or news.

How many pages of the new PDF do you feel would be “just right” and why?

What types of articles or tips are you looking to read?

If you’ve changed to this format, what’s worked for you?

What business development newsletters do you read and why?

If you’re a fianancial professional, what have you liked that others are providing?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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