Maria Recommends: JotForm for web-based forms

Do you need to create a professional looking “contact us” form on your website, blog, or Facebook account? Ready to create a survey form? What about a form used to register attendees for your next event?  

Or maybe you need a form for some other reason and don’t have a website at all?

Five or six years ago, I went “form digging” for a resource that would create forms “on the fly”. Before that time, I needed very few forms and either created my own forms or paid a programmer to create them for me.

But since I wanted to design more and different forms, I decided that it was time to find a company who could make the process easier on me an my purse.

Over a six-month time frame, I tried nearly 10 programs and chose Jot Form. Today, many years later, I still use and highly recommend And if you’re reading this post on December 24, 2014, Jot Form is holding a 1/2 price sale!

Here are some of JotForm’s features:

  •  Submit 100-1000 a month
  •  Cost from 0-$90 a year (or enjoy the 1/2 price off sale taking place right now!)
  •  Various payment plans: monthly, yearly or every two years
  •  Use the form on their site, or embed it on your website, blog, Facebook page
  • Pick template from the 1000+ form library or design your own
  • 18 languages to choose from
  • Integrates with more than 20 program (Salesforce, PayPal, MailChimp and 17 others)
  • Download files various formats, such a Excel, as CVS, PDf
  • Create forms in your brand’s colors
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, programmers in Turkey

The company is VERY open to suggestions.  You’ll even find the CEO’s email address on their blog.  

No phone number to call with any problems you might experience.  But they do answer their emails on a timely basis.  

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