How Do You Make Your Website (or Blog) Look Nice on a PC, Tablet, and Mobile Device?

WordPress just came out with a responsive version (3.8).  If you use WordPress (I use it on my blog)  this version is now RESPONSIVE. If your WordPress website or blog is on your own domain name (website address, URL) you can upgrade it for free. Just go into your WordPress Dashboard or Control Panel an you’ll see a notice about the upgrade.


What’s Responsive?

Let me give you a little background.  Years ago, you created a website or blog and when someone looked at it in their mobile device, it looked awful.  So what you did was create a VERY LONG home page, with nothing on the side (i.e. no 2nd or 3rd column on the page, also known as side bars).

There have also been a few websites that helped you create a separate 1 page site for mobile and tablet use.

Enter Responsive.

I created my first responsive blog this summer using FirmaSite.  At the time, if you used WordPress and tried to find a free template that was responsive, the THEME search feature gave you just a few responsive sites.  FirmaSite was one of them, and I love the look of my blog.

However, a month ago, I did the same search and I find 50-70 responsive WordPress THEMES. And just this week WordPress came out with version 3.8 whose TwentyFourTeen Theme is responsive!

Progress continues.

I have to say that my website is not responsive at this time, but this blog you’re reading from is.  As more and more of my ideal clients move to using their mobile devises more, I’ll change my main website.  But everyone has to set priorities for their marketing and creating a responsive website is set for December 2014.

The most important thing about Responsive web design is that all websites should be leaning in that direction, so that their ideal clients, visitors and friends can  A) find them on the web   B) be able to view their websites without any sort of technology problem.  Because for every problem we cause our visitor, there is one more person quickly leaving our websites.

I was going to write an entire article on why you want to use a responsive website and what it is, but honestly, my friends at Small Biz Trends, with Anita Campbell at the helm have already done that, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel!

View her article at What is Responsive Web Design, here

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