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Lots of IdeasWhen I ask for a client’s personal budget, many clients, including the financial advisors, don’t have one or haven’t looked at it for a long time. Those who watch their budgets (personal or business) always tell me there aren’t any places they can save money.


Peter* is saving $500 per month personally. Mary* just sent me a note that she’s now saving $1000 per year on one line of her personal budget. Why? They had their coach, who has a background in finances, check their family budget. Greg* isn’t saving anything because he puts the $400 per month right back into the business for the target marketing he really wants to do.

Request a Financial Accountability Review and let your financially-savvy accountability coach view your personal and business budget. During the month of October, I’ll be providing budget forms to subscribers who become "Budget Conscious". I’ll analyze your business and personal budgets for 50% off the $200 fee. If I can’t find at least 1 way to save you money, I’ll return all but $50 of the fee you paid. If I reduce your expenses more than the fee you pay, provide me with a bonus based on what you feel this service was worth. The coupon code is: birthday and you’ll get 50% off my regular session rates. Now just $100.
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*My clients’ confidentiality is important to them and me. The situations have occurred, the names have been changed.

"A belated thank you. I took your advice and got new quotes for our insurance. I could understand if the difference was $100 or so but I ended up saving over $1,000 a year!"

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