LinkedIn™ Extreme Profile Makeover

This program is over. You can purchase the CD with all the materials or contact us and you’ll be the first to know when the next class takes place.

Make Your Profile Work for You 24/7

Do you have lots of free time to learn all this new social media technology? No? Attend this workshop and catch up! Finalize your LinkedIn Profile so that it’s working for you 24/7!

LinkedIn is so much more than a big database of resumes. It’s the largest online business network and a free tool for building and maintaining relationships. It’s also a place to give and ask for advice, collaborate, and find resources as well as professional opportunities.

An incomplete or boring LinkedIn profile sabotages your networking, business, or career development efforts. Just like any marketing tool used incorrectly, it can also destroy the brand you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Don’t let this no-cost resource go to waste! Learn how to liven up your profile so that it’s working for you and your business–even while you sleep! It all starts when you complete your profile.

  • Understand why every B2B business owner, executive, and non-profit director MUST have a LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn 17+ ways you can use LinkedIn.
  • Receive step-by-step instructions for creating an attention-getting profile.
  • Learn how to avoid violations that could get your profile “shut down”.
  • Discover how to easily use LinkedIn as your first website (in case you’re an executive or don’t have a website–yet)!
  • Get audios of each session.


As soon as you join, you’ll download 2 audios of previous, more general, social networking classes from 2009. One is on social networking in general, the second is an overview of Linkedin™

Speakers: Maria Marsala, Business Stratgist at Maven and Christine Mifsud, Sales Content Writer at

Your Investment: $99.99

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How It Works

  • Get on the phone to take the class on Monday for the first hour.
  • Get on your computer and visit our chat room to ask questions. As
    Maria talks, Christine will relay the questions at the appropriate time. At 10:50am Maria will open up the phone lines for additional questions.
  • Take notes.
  • Take what you’ve learned and execute it! Make your LinkedIn Profile sing!
  • Get back on the phone on Friday. Maria will finish her talk and then answer your LinkedIn Profile questions.

So mark your calendar, join us, and make your LinkedIn Profile work for you 24/7!

About the Two Trainers

Maria Marsala is a Master Strategic Business Coach, Speaker, Author and former Wall Street Trader. She works with high-achieving business owners committed to creating businesses that serve their lives. Maria’s profile has been on Linkedin since 2005, but she started really using it to attract clients in 2008. Download your free three-part “Business Check-up” Assessment and sign up for FOCUS! ezine with business and marketing tips at
Visit Maria on LinkedIn here

Christine Mifsud is a Sales Content Writer and gifted question-asker. She works with business owners to clarify their marketing messages and writes persuasive communication that brings ideal clients to their door. Request a free 20-minute WordPower evaluation of any marketing piece or Web page: Visit Chris on LinkedIn here

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