LinkedIn® Connection Don’ts

Here are a few of my personal favorites to “not do”!

1) Don’t connect with me telling me we’re friends when we are not.  I know you’re doing it this way because you don’t know me  and if you don’t know me,  LinkedIn makes you provide my email address. 


a)  Send me an email that you want to connect and include your LinkedIn URL and email address.

b) If we’re in a group together send me an email me that you’d like to connect and include your email address that I’ll use to connect to you. 

Of course, there are no guarentees that I’ll connect with you, but you hve a better shot that I will if you’re honest with me from the “get go”.

2) Don’t send me a connection telling me that you’d like to talk to me because I’ve made some mistakes on my website or social networking sites.  Don’t tell me you can improve my SEO, leads, etc. 


a) Get to know me first.

b) Let me know that you have a solution to a problem I have, or a way I might do something “better”. Better yet, send me a link to an article you wrote that will help me do something better.

3) Don’t add me to your ezine.  If you do, you’re spamming me and not only is that wrong, you’ll be removed as a connection.

a) I love it when someone keeps in touch with me.  I do not mind getting an email from you monthly.

b) Email me on LinkedIn or using your regular email program.  Invite me to join your ezine, give me a sample, invite me to contact you, etc.

I’ll be back with others as they pop up. 🙂

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