14 Life Lessons from Oprah

As I watched the last Oprah show today, I was reminded of the importance of questions.  That introspection that occurs when we are asked, or ask ourselves profound, impactful questions.

“Do a good job and do no harm.” — Oprah.

Questionning and listening is at the core of coaching.  Questions that cause us to think.  The hard questions that we may not want to answer.  The questions that cause us to shift.  The questions that cause us to change.   The questions that inspire us to take action even when we’re full of doubt

Oprah asked those questions and recieved 4561 days of answers.   Now it’s your turn to answer those questions, too.

  1. Am I where Im supposed to be?
  2. Am I doing what I’m called to do?
  3. Are you dreaming as big as you really are?
  4. What are you doing to grow forward?
  5. Are you 100% responsilble for your life?
  6. Do you feel worthy of happiness?
  7. Does what others say have mean anything to you?
  8. Is there a force in your life called GOD?
  9. Are you waiting and listening to the guidance that is greater than you?
  10. What is whispering to you in yoru life and what is it saying?
  11. Are you still feeling that it’s your fault for the horendous things an adult did to you as a child?
  12. Are you ready to stand up for yourself?
  13. Are you a safe harbor for others?
  14. Are you letting helping others know they matter to you?


Here’s to Oprah and the next 14 Life Lessons she has for us. Oprah “the ultimate Life Coach”.

(c) 2011 Maria Marsala — Questions by Oprah.


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