Less is more when it comes to running a more successful practice

Below are a few recent articles on niching that I thought you’d appreciate.
When an Adviser Finds His Niche
As a new advisor, Mr. Milittello learned a valuable lesson about niching from his clients. Now he runs two firms.
Widows, Divorcees A Potential Service Niche For Advisors
Many women don’t have the documentation they need to manage their households and
some fear they’ll end up homeless or broke…
1. How Financial Advisors Can Adjust To Robo-advisors
2. Financial Advisor Becomes a Robo-Advisor
One thing robos have done is to create systems for everything. And all their systems are geared towards their niche and ideal clients. They have written manuals, automated systems, and computerized processes. Their brand is consistent. Every time someone deals with them they what to expect (or not expect). They lack, what the customer service and all the human touches that most advisory firms offer.
Less Can Mean More When You Niche Your Practice
This article talks about why two advisors, with 600 clients and $33 million AUM decided to niche. Now they have 110 clients and $150 million AUM

“Hitting Your Niche: Become the Obvious Choice for New Clients” Video

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