Is “FREE” killing your business?

Giving away free information and content can be a great way to gain trust and establish yourself as an expert but many businesses are doing it wrong says experienced internet marketing veteran Maria Marsala from Maria has been in the internet marketing arena and coached business owners for over 10 after spending 20 years as an executive on Wall Street. She thinks small business owners, especially women, are notorious for giving away too much for free.

Speaking to the online resource center for women in business, GetYourSuccessNow, Maria notes that the natural tendency for women is to give, give and give freely because of their desire to nurture and help others. That can be a great strength when used in a business to build relationships with customers however; most women get it wrong by giving away all their valuable services for free and then wondering why they don’t make money.

One of the reasons small business owners do not make the amount of money they want to make from their businesses is because their pricing structure is flawed. Business owners can work hard to gain new customers and market their products but unless that process is making them money, their business is going on a downward spiral. That is a bitter truth to swallow but ultimately, an entrepreneur’s ability to price their services and products correctly is one of the main keys in determining their success.

One key components to keep in mind while pricing your products or services is the fact that once a price is set, it is much easier to lower it than to raise it. Internet Marketing coach Maria Marsala encourages women to therefore balance the urge to give away freely with the need to run and maintain a successful business.

In a recent interview with GetYourSuccessNow, Maria shares the pricing mistakes she has seen business owners make over the past 20 years as a business coach and mentions flawed pricing structure as one of the biggest culprits leading to failed businesses.

Listen now to the interview at Get Your Success Now.

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