If you want to annoy prospects or clients, do this with your email!

Have you ever sent an email to someone and instead of getting a response, you learn that the email you’ve contacted doesn’t accept messages?

It’s called a “no reply” email and in my opinion, it should be banned!


You might get one when you join someone’s email list or receive  a link to a free report.

You might get it when you pay for a service and they send you a welcome note.


Hint to companies who use them… they are annoying!  Let alone that, consider what message you’re sending to prospects or your clients.  “I want your business but I really don’t want to hear from you”.  ERRRR



1) Go into your ezine (online newsletter) account or autoresponder and send yourself a test.  Make sure that you receive an email what you can actually reply to or respond to should you have a question.  If not, go into your control panel or dashboard where you can add your email account.

2) Do the same with your shopping cart.  In this case buy some thing free and see what happens. If you don’t have something free, create something for this test.  (Your newsletter or free downloads are in your shopping cart right?)






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