How To Protect Your WordPress Website or Blog

You may not think of protecting your WordPress blog other than changing your password every now and then.  But it’s important to protect your WordPress website or blog from synyster bot net attacks, too.  (I mean wouldn’t it be great if all the hackers and virus, trojan, or malware developers turned their so very negative energy to something positive? I mean not even the sky would be the limit!?)

One way to protect your WordPress blog from one of the worse attacks to hit this program in many years is to add the plugin “Brute Protect” to your site. OR download the Jetpack plugins (it comes with some great marketing options, too) and activate their Jet Protect which now includes Brute Protect.  (I am using Jet Protect.)

What to do next

Add and activate a protect plugin on your blog.

If you’ve never added a plugin to your blog:

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