One Way To Keep Your Inbox & Email Organized

First, let’s take care of spam.
Most of my spam is stopped by my hosting company’s spam filter. When I first set up this system, I wasn’t sure what the spam filter would catch. So weekly I went online to see. But over time saw that it wasn’t picking up anything it shouldn’t. Now I let it automatically delete the spam.

Using Outlook, I have a ton of Folders and SubFolders with “rules” so many of my emails to to the right folder. My main folders are called EYB and Personal. Then I have subfolders and subfolders of subfolders in each main folder catagory.

When mail comes in, I take care of client stuff first, prospect stuff, then Inbox, etc. I keep the spam bin clean by moving messages to the right folder, then deleting all that is left.

Creating a vareity of email addresses for a pupose helps me the most. So I have an email address for social networking, another for filling out webforms, events, etc. That makes setting filters easy and, more importantly, allows me to see which of my networking efforts is working out the best (or not).

Also, when some jerk of a spammer gets a hold of one of my emails, I can create a new email for that purpose. When this happens, as email comes through the “bad” account, I change the emails that I want to keep. Eventually I delete the “bad” email account from OUTLOOK, but monitor it online visiting it monthly. Eventually I will delete it, too.

What tips do you have for keeping the email that comes into your Inbox organized?

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