How advisors can earn more in 2016

There really are no magic bullets to growing a firm, but below are a few possible goals and strategies to get you started on the road to be more successful in 2016 than you were in 2015*.

A few goals to get you thinking about growing:

  • Increase the number of clients from ___ to _____ by ____(date).
  • Add ___ new paid services by ____ (date).
  • Increase the value of the average transaction per client from ____ to ____by ____(date).
  • Increase the number of transactions per client from ___ to ____by ____(date).
  • Decrease expenses from ___ to ____per client by ____(date).
  • Decrease the number of ways we market from ___ ways to ____ ways by ____(date).
  • Hire ___ new employees/contractors/outsourcers by ___ (date).

Here are some strategies to consider

  • Determne a better long-term business model (one that meets my personal goals) by _____(date).
  • Become known for _________________________________.
  • Hire ____ , ____ and ____.
  • Create _________, _______ and _______ for current our ideal clients and their friends.
  • Create a niche, ideal client system, and strategic/comprehensive plan to attract better prospects.
  • Conduct ____  trainings to update staff on industry trends, keep on top of new technology, and cross-train on various administrative duties.

Ok, we’ve given you a few ideas to get you started!

*If your practice currently doesn’t have a clearly defined niche, ideal client profile, clear visions (for 12 months, 5 years, and your exit)  and a stategic/comprehensive plan, chances are that IF you put these systems into place, you’ll grow faster.   That’s what we’ve seen our ideal clients do.

Now it’s up to you take some action and create the right goals and strategies for your firm. Let us help you successfully grow your firm.


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