Happy Valentine’s Day – Enjoy This Special Coaching Offer!

The dates for this offer are over, however, I can offer you one  60-minute coaching session at a deep discount. Follow the same links and let me help you…


You and I may have something important in common. Sometimes, I have a hard time asking for help.

I’m here to remind you that the fastest way to reach your goals in 2014 is to enlist some help!

I believe in the power of coaching. So when I realize that I need help, I hire coaches and consultants to help me grow. Personally, I like 1:1 versus group work. If you do, too, click on this link and let’s talk.

Why coaching might be right for you now:

— Maybe you’re stuck.
— Maybe you’ve hit a plateau.
— Maybe you’re tired of working more than 35 hours per week.
— Maybe you’re just having trouble FOCUSING.

Well, solving these challenges is my specialty!

I’ve opened up a few Breakout Strategy Session slots (1:1 time with me) that will the supply clarity and focus that can take you to the next level.

During your strategy session, we will explore what YOUR next steps should be and how I can help you put those steps in place.

These sessions aren’t for everyone, however.

I’m looking to work with a few people who are serious action-takers, so there is a $97 fee to secure a strategy session.

CLICK HERE to secure your spot.

If we decide to work together 1:1 or you join a group, I will apply your $97 to the tuition. If not, you’ll have purchased $475 worth of strategic advice for a huge discount.

When you work with me, you’ll build a bigger, better, rock-solid business, develop consistent marketing that brings prospects to your door, provide resources that save you time–always drilling down on the next 3 actions you need to take in the next 2 weeks so that you start seeing results.


If you’d like to chat about really gaining some focus and clarity in your sales, your marketing, or just your overall business direction…

CLICK HERE and let’s talk.

Enjoy this Valentine’s Day gift!

Register and submit payment before February 19, 2014. All sessions for this Valentine’s Day special must take place before March 15, 2014, no exceptions.

Yes, you can pass this offering along to other financial advisors and small business owners.

Upwards and Onwards,

Maria Marsala's name

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