Write For Us

Yes, I do accept guest posts.

Currently I publish one guest post per month.  I have a waiting list of articles to post.

What kind of content do you accept?

I only accept practice management and marketing articles niched to investment advisors, financial planners, and brokers.  Topics include:

  • Personal Growth
  • Business Growth Systems
  • Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Technology

There is no minimum length for your post, but usually the guest posts have over 400 words.   However, your post cannot be an advertisement for your product or the equivalent of a sponsored post. As a whole, we do not accept articles from our competitors or articles relating to coaching, strategic planning, niching, or articles promoting to any type of investment.

General Guidelines

  • Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.
  • You agree not to publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your website, on your blog, in an ebook, or as a guest post on other blogs.)
  • We do not pay guests for their articles.
  • We are never paid to place articles on our blog, newsletter, or websites.
  • We may include affiliate links to products we use in our own articles or comments we make to your article.



If your post meets the above guidelines:

  • Please email to me your post in the body of an email.  You’ll find my contact information at www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/contactmariamarsala/ 
  • Do not format the article in HTML or send it to me as I do not open attachments.  Expect to hear back from me in 2-3 weeks.
  • In your two or three-sentence byline should include includes what you do, along with one website or blog address PLUS your Twitter and/or LinkedIn address.
  • Please include the size of your own readership including number of blog readers, email subscribers, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections.
  • Please confirm that you are willing to respond to comments on your post.
  • Please tell me all the ways you will promote your post on my blog.


  • Chances are that I will have my assistant copyedit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.   She will email the post back to you for your approval before posting.
  • I may provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post.  I will make sure that it’s clear which comments are mine and which part of the post is yours.


  • The fact that you have written a post and submitted it to me does not obligate me to publish it.
  • If I do not approve your guest post, I do not have to explain why I did not approve it or provide any detail. I publish articles at my discretion.


Maria Marsala Financial Advisors Business Coach, Author, Speaker, and former Wall Street Executive at http://www.CoachMaria.com


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