Growth After Planning

Growth After Planning

Because I’m a numbers person, I’ve always had trouble with the “writing part” of planning and setting aside enough time to write a business plan. I knew I needed to have a plan on paper, not just in my mind.

Monica BarnardWhen Maria offered a ONE page business and marketing planning process that could be done in ONE day, I knew that could do THAT much! While preparing for the workshop, I realized that I was in a stagnant place and needed to do new things, including niching, to bring in new business.

I have a better feel for . . . important things I had never really thought about.
Maria made the one-day process so easy and straightforward.I had NEVER marketed before, but Maria and my business plan gave me STRUCTURED GUIDANCE. Maria showed me how to create a one-year vision, a five- to ten-year vision, then an exit vision for eventually leaving my company. I have a better feel for what I need to do to grow, to decide when I want to retire, and evaluate whether I’m building my business so I can sell it or turn it over to somebody else to run–important things I had never really thought about.

My customer base increased 10% after years of only 2% growth.
I updated my website to target my ideal clients and created a newsletter, which my clients and prospects appreciate! My web traffic has increased by 20%. I speak more often (CE credit classes) and have gained 12 well-qualified referrals. Niching attracts more ideal prospects to my business and my customer base increased 10% after years of only 2% growth. In July, I am attending a trade show that caters to my ideal clients–I’m looking forward to seeing those results!

I am on track to regain the clients I lost due to the economy…
I use my plan to view the progress I’m making towards my goals…and if I’m not reaching them, I re-focus to get myself in the right direction. In the beginning of the year, I reviewed my plan and ideal client profile again and made changes. The template process Maria provided is good for that because it is flexible and easy to change. As a result, I am on track to regain the clients I lost due to the economy and to reach my goal of doubling my client base within the next 5 years.

A lot of financial people are probably more focused on production than building a business. They may not be marketing consistently or monitoring their efforts. Having a business and marketing plan like this would help them focus for a longer term, as it has helped me.”

  • Liked the best about the plan: short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Main 3 benefits: putting your plan on paper, how simple it is, didn’t have to write more than one page.
  • Would you recommend the plan, and why? Yes, because it was so easy to do.
Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS

Barnard & Associates, Pension Consultant and EA Specializing in Pension & Profit Sharing Plans for USA Based Physicians

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