Google+ (Plus) Changes: Good or Bad?

As you may have heard, Google+ will be torn apart.
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There are two sides to the “coin” of course. Will it make Google+ better or worse for the business and executive communities?

Technology firm new stands out as it does because these firms often takes risks and try out new things.  Google and Microsoft often do this when they put programs in BETA.

As humans and professionals — either business owners or careers minded individuals — we are in charge of our own destiny.  We run the most important “company” on earth. The company called “YOU INC”.  As a continuous or life-long learner (I’m presuming that since you’re reading this you are both) chances are that you’re taking daily risks of various sizes and proportions.

The more risks we take each week, the more growth we’ll see. It could be positive growth or positive growth through the lessons learned by failing and then either coming back stronger and better or moving on.

As a geek*, I see a promising online program and participate early on in their existence.  Originally they were called BBs (Bulletin Boards) and then changed somewhat to being called Forums, before they became “social networking sites”.  Some of the forums started in the mid-1990’s are still thriving like Warrior and HTML forums.  Ryze, which was to me the first social networking site was so promising, still exists and I always wonder why some company hasn’t taken it over add fixed it.  eAcademy, LinkedIn, Alibaba, and the list continues.

Google+ has the start of something good happening in it’s community platform. I hope it make changes to expand and make that area of Google+ more discussion and networking oriented.

As Google SVP Sundar Pichai told Forbes  “I think increasingly you’ll see us focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream as three important areas, rather than being thought of as one area.”

I hope that the communications Mr. Pichai speaks to includes changes to the Google Communities, we’ll all have to wait and see.

For now, get involved in the financial advisor and investment advisor communities on Google Plus and LinkedIn, too.

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*Maria was an early user of technology.  Think 1973 at Merrill Lynch (Pierce, Fenner and Smith).  She started using a computer in 1975 at Reynolds Securities when she entered trades into a company database.  Used a computer on the trading desk in 1976 at Bear Stearns.  She purchased her first computer in 1980, got onto the Internet in 1994, created her first website in 1998, designed her first ebook in 2000, and has been called one of the “pioneers of article marketing online.”


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