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Is your older computer running slowly but it’s good enough to be your backup computer?  Does your laptop run slowly because you’ve had it for along time and you’ve “had it”?

We’ve all seen that yellow caution notice that tells us we’re running out of memory.  But when shutting your computer off and on again doesn’t stop that notice from becoming a usual part of your day, it’s time to call Kington on their toll free number.

Sometimes I’ve had part number; most times I don’t.   Sometimes it took 1 set of instructions to help me find the part number, othertimes, like for my 2004 CompUSA workhorse desktop, it took having a computer program assess the part number. 

But get the part number, I did!  Then I ordered online, often orders come with free shipping.  And in a few days, it arrived.

Then I opened my computer, called them and they walked me through it. (there wasn’t room in my computer for the new part so I had to replace an old part.) I closed the computer, and he had me check to make sure that the new memory was indeed working.

That’s a great company.  I’ve used them three times now I think; and will continue to buy from them.

Oh.. they also sell flash drives, secure digital  and media readers, too.

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