Get three essential business tools

Get 3 no-cost essential business tools to start the move from having your business run your life by default to you running it by design!

The two assessments fall under the first important step of any client aquisition system — Reflection (ergo: Assessing Where You Are Right Now).

The webinar falls under the step of — Exploring (as in actively looking at the possibilities for next year, your exit and somewhere in between).

These no-cost assessments continue to be available to you and (hopefully) will become a part of your firm’s yearly “business planning week”, too.

They give you, the owner, access to these essential foundational business growth tools that help you look at your business from a proactive “birds eye view” instead of the emotional, reactive place owners (yes all of us) often come from. (We call this doing business by default instead of design)

Don’t delay. Do them today!

For even more insights and different perspectives, ask your team members to do them. too.




Business Check Up: Quickly take a snapshot of all the areas of your firm and where you stand. Helps you answer the question “What should I spend my time on this now?” A $149 value. Download

Business Vision Workshop: Free class helps you set better priorities and design a 2 sentence vision statement for your firm. Looks at the question “What do I want to be celebrating a year from now?” A $47 value. Sign up here:

Target Marketing Assessment: Before determining where your time and dollars will be spent marketing, comes managing your firm’s niche. Questions to answer: Who are the clients you can help the most? What’s the best niche for our firm to work with? A 149 value. Download

Upwards and onwards,

Your Coach Maria

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